Product Description
Galvanize, a Data-Driven GRC platform, is designed to revolutionize data analytics by making it easier and faster to get credible results which are then handled in one integrated GRC platform. All this is achieved with the following two products:
ACL Analytics and Exchange Server

Through ACL Analytics, it is possible to connect to any data source and run complex risk analytics to uncover trends, patterns, and anomalies which cannot be detected with random sampling or legacy spreadsheet tools. To further enhance and automate your analysis, ACL Analytics Exchange is all that you need. A secure server technology, providing one centralized platform to optimize team-work and schedule data extraction and analysis with IT-trusted connections to ensure continuous monitoring.


Recognized as an award-winning solution,Highbond is an audit, compliance, and risk management platform centralizing all activities in one modern workflow. The advanced features and up-to-date content allow your team to focus on high-value critical thinking, letting technology aggregate your data and statuses for real-time decision making and reporting.

Key Features
With its combined strengths of processing power, purpose-built analytic functionality and high collaborative usability, it’s not surprising that Galvanize has a dedicated global community of over 14,000 organizations that has been relying on its capabilities for more than 30 years.
  • Increase business assurance
  • Collaborate and share knowledge with one common platform
  • Maximize executive impact with real-time insights
  • Reduce the negative impact on the business
Easily access and compare data from different systems
Controlled access to a central repository managed through Microsoft’s Active Directory.
Direct database interface for secure, read-only access to distributed DB instances.
Analyze entire data populations
Automatically log and record every analytic step
Leverage hundreds of built-in data analysis commands and tools
Monitor and share key metrics
Automate and schedule analytics
Identify trends and exceptions through continuous monitoring
Visualize results
Segregation of duties
Risk Assurance and frameworks
Issue management, remediation, and tracking
Configure resolution process stages and escalation timelines
Filter exceptions for review, analysis and management of false positives
Distribute exceptions to business stakeholders for review and resolution