Product Description
With unrivalled speed and precision, Nexthink gives you the power to analyze, visualize and act in real-time across all end-user computing data. Nexthink offers IT complete digital span of control by providing both a live and historical view of all endpoints, applications and user activities.Nexthink collects all information from every end-user device in real time and provides the control to instantly transform, repair and secure all your endpoints.Our modular platform gives you the ability to manage the full employee digital experience cycle from issue detection to employee engagement to resolution straight from your screen.
Key features
  • Complete live and historical data in secondsData from every device (desktops, laptops, virtual desktops, mobile devices) at your fingertips instantly. Search now but get the historical data of what happened days or weeks ago to have the right perspective.
  • Built for the user and the enterpriseSupport for all modern enterprise requirements, including the ability to scale to hundreds of thousands of devices. While we meet the most complex enterprise requirements, Nexthink is built for ease of use. Our awarding-winning UI and lightweight design offer unprecedented speed and precision.
  • On-the-spot issue detection and remediationMost analytics products focus on just data. Nexthink goes beyond by not only finding the issues, but enabling you to fix them. Automate remediation across all your endpoints with full flexibility.
  • Go beyond the endpoint,Get end-user feedback.Engage in conversations with employees to measure satisfaction and continuously improve business efficiency. No need for more guessing from machine data, the ultimate truth is with the people working behind their devices.
Reduce incidents with Self-healing and self-help
Help end users solve issues independentlyDiagnose and resolve issues automaticallyUnderstand the impact of changes to avoid potential issuesProactively solve problems before they occur
Shorten incident time to resolution
Embed 1-click issue resolution within support checklistsIdentify the cause of a problem more quicklyEscalate the issue directly to the right teamGet advanced diagnostic data for common applications such as Skype for Business
Ensure endpoint security and compliance
Quickly flag failures and outages with unrivalled end-to-end visibilityGet ahead of the game by identifying issues before end-user notificationObtain end-user feedback for continuous service improvement
Improve quality of IT services for end users
Continuously monitor employee satisfaction through targeted questions to end usersGet instantly alerted about dips in employee satisfactionIdentify key actions to take to improve overall satisfaction