Product Description
Hyperion is a Web-Based prepayment vending systems that provides that allow automatic end-to-end Smart Metering processes enabling a unique billing system that combines a superior electronic customer account management system, integrates metering equipment and smart card technology with authorized charging stations.
The six main goals of the Hyperion subscription management product are:
1. Manage customers data
2. Streamline the subscription orders management operations.
3. Provide dynamics flexible platform to support complicated bundle offers and orders pricing.
4. Manage smartcards, STBs and all of company stock.
5. Provide tool to allow external parties resellers to serve Cablevision customers.
6. Integrate with ERP and other systems.
Key features
  • Secure Login Hyperion users must have a valid user credentials to identify and authenticate themselves. A failed login will alert the user to enter a valid username and a matching password.
  • Customer Data Management The feature allows the Hyperion user to view a list of customers that they have been assigned access to and select desired customer for viewing or editing.
  • Subscription Orders EngineOrder Record: this feature enables Hyperion user create a new customer order and enter all order details such as customer name, dealer, warehouse, type, payment method billing address, installation address and installation date and linked to a bundle and bundle items.
  • Bundles Metrics Engine Hyperion is equipped with dynamics bundle metrics engine that enables system admin to create any kind of offer combination and customize it to fit any rule. Each bundle has a start date, end date, posting group, and class validation and it could be tailored to target a particular group/s of customers, dealers, and/or sales channel.
  • Smart cards and STBs ManagementThe system stores smartcards numbers for sold and existing stock. The smartcard record keeps track of smartcard current and previous statuses, history, its paired STB and client.
  • Integration with other software Integration with ERP: Hyperion integrates with any ERP to post confirmed order and update transaction records in ERP to complete the order fulfillment process. Hyperion also read clients balance amounts from the ERP.
  • Code management Hyperion platform supports the creation and modification of some records and rules in the front-end user interface without the need to code from scratch. Examples are: Customer type, item type, discount type, order status.
  • Users, Roles & Permission ManagementHyperion provides admin with the ability to control how and what users can access on the system. Admin can setup any number of different kinds of roles and set permissions for these roles, and assign users to these roles.
  • Posting Groups and Discount GroupsDiscount Groups: Hyperion enables admin to group customers to be targeted with a discount and bundles.