Product Description
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the leading customer relationship management solution packages. It focuses out of the box on Sales, Marketing and Service. More importantly you can build line-of-business applications that perfectly suit your business’ unique needs. Its high customizability and flexibility allow it to meet many different demands in various industries, and allows business analysts to customize workflows, reports, data management, and more.

With a focus on a solution-oriented approach, our certified CRM professionals have the knowledge, the skill and the experience to implement, customize and develop all CRM related processes in any vertical.
XRM is an Evolution of CRM so called extended Relationship Management. Further to Customer Relations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, XRM manages suppliers, employees, partners, assets, and anything that company carries in a relational Database. In addition, the powerful CRM program offers unparalleled integration with Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft SharePoint, some of the most widespread applications in the business world.
Key Features
  • Analyze team performance
  • Instant connection with sales rep
  • Trend analysis by product/region Create Dashboards
  • Trend analysis by product/region Create Dashboards
  • Analyze Sales performance/customer response
  • Keep track for team performance
  • Tackle Active Customers cases/assess solution
  • Contact the customer by contact preference
  • Check the progress by communicating solution with customer
  • Sales duties from Sales analysis to POS