Product Description
TimeKeeper is a web based attendance solution developed by Haceb SAL that allows any company to manage its workforce’s attendance records. With an easy to use interface, role-based access, template driven imports, and an ability to generate multiple views on the same data, TimeKeeper is an invaluable addition to any company that is looking to optimize its workforce and maximize efficiency.
Key features
  • Web based employee attendance record tracking.
  • Flexible Integration with Database.
  • Flexible Integration with Database and File Based Payroll Systems.
  • Provide Attendance Records Management for Multiple Companies.
  • Reflects the Company Internal Hierarchy.
  • Role Based Security.
  • Ability to Define Benefits, Breaks, Vacations and Leaves.
  • Ability to Calculate Transportation and Other Benefit Allowances.
  • 10+ Canned Reports with the Ability to Customize Additional Reports On-Demand.
How is it different?
Multiple Companies Support
Flexible Shifts & Schedules
Hardware Integration/ Import Features
Third Party Integration
Powerful Reporting
Mobile App.
Employee Self-Service