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Contracting Services

Elevate Business Performance With
Professional Contracting Services

Specialized Contracting
For Commercial Enterprises
Your business needs reliable IT solutions that can handle the challenges of today's fast-paced, global economy. That's why we offer a full range of contracting services that are designed to enhance your commercial capabilities and keep your business running at optimal performance levels.
Our Contracting Services
Your business needs a secure and reliable network that can handle the demands of today's digital age. Haceb can help you design and implement robust networking infrastructure that supports your daily business processes and allows you to scale as your business expands. We can help you:
Design and deploy a wired or wireless network
Implement security measures
Optimize your network for performance
Increase your bandwidth
Structured Cabling
Careful planning and installation of structure cabling are essential for establishing smooth business operations. Haceb can help you design and implement a customized cabling solution that withstands the rigors of the modern business environment. Whether you want to install new cabling or upgrade your existing infrastructure to support the latest technology, our expert team can help:
Analyze your current cabling solutions
Implement necessary improvements
Provide end-to-end project management
Deliver ongoing support and maintenance
Data Center Solutions
Your data center is the heart of your business, and it must continuously run at peak efficiency levels. At Haceb, we specialize in delivering data center solutions that support your business growth while keeping your costs under control. We help you:
Design and implement a data centre infrastructure
Migrate your data centre to the cloud
Remotely monitor your data centre
Upgrade and repair equipment
Electronic Access Control
Keeping unauthorized personnel out of your facilities is critical for protecting your data and assets. Haceb provides comprehensive electronic access control solutions that accurately restrict or grant access to your facilities as needed. This allows you to maintain tight security while still giving relevant staff the requisite authentication to do their job. As experts in electronic access control, we know how to:
Install and configure EAC systems
Integrate with your existing security infrastructure
Monitor and manage access to your facilities
Issue and replace EAC cards
CCTV Solutions
Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is an important part of any security plan and can be used for a variety of applications, including monitoring premises, deterring crime, and investigating incidents. Haceb can help you design and implement a CCTV solution that meets your specific security needs. We can:
Install and configure CCTV cameras
Select the right CCTV solution for your needs
Integrate with your existing security infrastructure
Repair and replace existing CCTV systems
Our Methodology
Why Work with Haceb?
Proven Track Record
We have extensive experience implementing
solutions in many industries
including FMCG, Retail,
Support & Maintenance and
much more.
Microsoft Partner
Haceb is a Microsoft Gold
Partner with a team of highly
proficient experts.
Customized Solutions
Through specialist consulting
services that are backed by
deep industry knowledge, we
can build the right solution for
your unique business needs.
Complimentary Capabilities
As your business grows so
too do your tech
requirements. Our team is on
hand to implement the solutions you
need when you
need them.
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