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Digital Employee Experience

Enhance the
Digital Employee Experience

IT Solutions that Create
Superior Digital Employee
When it comes to the digital employee experience, businesses can't afford to compromise.
As the lifeblood of your company employees are essential to keeping the business running and thriving. Leading companies understand the importance of excellent digital employee experiences, and know that to attract and keep the best talent, it must be prioritised.
Our Digital Employee Experience Solutions
Nexthink Analyze
This powerful platform enables businesses to gain a full 360-degree view of the digital experiences of their workforce. With real-time analytics powered by machine learning, it provides detailed insights into the performance of your digital systems and tools.
Gain full enterprise visibility with real-time monitoring
Measure and score the digital employee experience
Easily identify and resolve common pain points
Optimize the user experience to drive business results
Nexthink Act
With powerful data retrieval and diagnostic capabilities, Nexthink Act is the perfect solution for streamlining incident management across your organization. Whether you need to quickly resolve technical issues, conduct analysis of user behavior, or facilitate collaboration with cross-functional teams, this platform gives you the power to get things done.
Quickly and easily retrieve incident data
Reduce IT ticket resolution times
Prevent incidents through proactive monitoring
Collaborate with stakeholders from any location or device
Nexthink Engage
Engaging your employees is key to driving business success. With Nexthink Engage, you can create a more positive and productive digital experience for your workforce by facilitating two-way communication between commonly siloed departments. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, you can break down communication walls and gain unprecedented insight into employee sentiment and feedback.
Empower your employees with two-way communication
Transform feedback into actionable insights
Ensure that your business stays on top of evolving employee needs
Encourage engagement and collaboration across departments
Nexthink Integrate
Data is critical to making informed business decisions, but if it's scattered across multiple systems and tools, your organization will be at an operational disadvantage. With Nexthink Integrate, you can consolidate all your IT data into one centralized platform, giving you a complete view of your digital employee experiences at any time.
Gain a comprehensive view of your digital offerings
Effectively monitor and manage multiple data sources
Leverage external systems to improve the user experience
Optimize operations and improve decision-making
Nexthink Application Experience
SaaS applications form the backbone of the modern digital workplace. However, this increasingly complex digital infrastructure is not always utilized to its full potential. With Nexthink Application Experience, you can gain complete visibility into your users' interaction with these applications and tailor their experiences based on their unique needs.
Monitor and improve the performance of SaaS applications
Optimize application usage and licensing to reduce costs
Cultivate a positive digital experience for every user
Enable a user-centric approach to digital workplace technology
Nexthink Library
Whether you're looking to drive innovation or simply optimize your existing processes, the Nexthink Library is the perfect tool for your organization. This extensive repository contains over 100 library packs, covering topics from employee engagement to IT infrastructure, so you can quickly and easily obtain insights at your fingertips.
Empower your team with access to the latest industry insights
Improve operational efficiency and drive innovation
Maximize the potential of your software investments
Leverage the power of data to fuel your digital transformation
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