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Cutting-edge Technology for the
FMCG Sector

Fast-paced IT solutions tailored for the FMCG Industry
The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry presents both challenges and opportunities in equal measure. FMCG businesses often face intense competition and cost pressures, while their delicate supply chains are vulnerable to disruption.

In this industry, it’s crucial to have robust support from the right enterprise-level technologies to maintain complex businesses processes and provide essential customer support. We help FMCG businesses that are looking for reliable, high-powered IT solutions to keep pace with the rapidly shifting dynamics of the industry.
Key Features
Inventory Management
Multiple units of measurement for the same items
Average cost calculations
FIFO & LIFO management
Item categorization
Item alternatives
Vendor cataloging
Track inventory across multiple locations
Transfer orders between locations
Consignment warehouse management
Item adjustment
Item replenishment with lead time calculation
Item availability & reordering
Item reservation
Lot and expiry date management
Sales quoting and ordering
Sales invoicing
Sales returns, cancellations & exchanges
Delivery trucks and driver management
Block shipping/invoicing for specific customers
Customer Relationship Management
Track sales leads
Streamline administrative processes
Integrate customer data
Run multichannel marketing campaigns
Personalize the buyer experience
Cloud Solutions
IBM servers and storage solutions
On-demand physical servers and disk drives
Customizable virtual servers
NAS/SAN storage
Enterprise-level Software as a Service
Bank account and transaction reconciliation
Fixed asset tracking
Cost accounting
Financial reporting & budgeting
Cash flow forecasting
Our Methodology
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Seamless migration from
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Full Integration
Full integration with your
current programs and
software systems
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