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Manufacturing Industry

Streamline Performance with Our IT Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Microsoft Business Central provides a comprehensive and industry-specific solution for manufacturing enterprises.
Imagine easily and efficiently managing your production operations from the start of an order to the finished product. With Haceb's implementation of Microsoft Business Central, this is possible.

Our manufacturing solution optimizes production operations, encourages collaboration, and enhances visibility into the entire manufacturing process from raw material to finished product. This ensures that each step of production is planned, monitored, and evaluated accordingly.
From easy-to-use inventory management to sophisticated material requirement planning, Microsoft Business Central helps you increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

With Haceb's Support, you can:
Enhance productivity and quality
Optimize production operations
Improve manufacturing planning
Reduce overhead costs
Enhance customer service
Simplify inventory management
Generate accurate manufacturing reports
Overcome Industry Challenges With
Powerful IT Solutions
Get fast and accurate reporting on production orders
Calculate cost estimates and actual costs of production
Analyze the work center, machine center, and capacity loads
Discover bottlenecks, delays, and inefficiencies
Harness data to improve decision-making
Production Order Management
Manage bills of materials (BOMs) and routings
Manage the conversion of raw materials into manufactured products
Track the status of production orders in real-time
Enhance visibility into the manufacturing process
Improve collaboration and communication
Specify the sources of materials and resources needed for production
Material Requirements Planning
Manage inventory levels and track items within production orders
Identify potential shortages or surpluses of materials and resources
Efficiently move goods from one location to another
Make informed decisions about inventory and reorder levels
Gain valuable insights into the entire production cycle
Suggest production and purchase orders using the planning worksheet
Set appropriate routings for components and sub-assemblies
Control the movement of materials in production orders
Track the movement of goods within production orders
Take advantage of powerful data analysis to improve routing efficiency
Manage either serial or parallel routings to maximize efficiency
Bills of Materials (BOM)
Show indented BOM listings for specified items
Create graphical representations of a produced item’s cost distribution through its BOM
Make use of BOM versioning to track changes in items over time
Discover and analyze BOM changes and their effects on procedures
Update BOMs to ensure accuracy and precision in production planning
Planning & Forecasting
Utilize sales forecasting to plan and optimize operations
Set up scenarios for different production scenarios and orders
Employ demand forecasting and materials planning
Gather data to prepare and calculate production orders
Maintain accurate stock levels and reduce wastage
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