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Retail Industry

Transforming the Retail Industry

Powerful Technical Solutions
That Take Retail Companies to
The Next Level
Behind the scenes of every successful retailer, you will find sophisticated IT solutions that provide the support needed to run a seamless business operation.
The status quo is changing, and customers are demanding more from retailers. You must be equipped to serve your customer across all channels at all times. We provide advanced and customizable solutions, which boost the customer experience and optimize your business processes.
By implementing the most up-to-date retail technology, your business can quickly adapt to the ever-changing market.
In this environment of constant flux, retailers need a highly knowledgeable partner that understands the challenges that come with their industry.
We have extensive experience helping retail companies move from outdated systems to more innovative technical solutions, and we can help you too. We are the retail technology experts who know what you need to succeed.
Key Features
Multi-Location & Real-Time Inventory Management
Transfer orders between locations
Physical Inventory count
Item adjustment
Item replenishment with lead time calculation
Item Reorder point
Item availability
Item reservation
Lot and expiry date management
Serialized Inventory
Item Variants
Accurate cost Calculation methods: Average, FIFO, LIFO
Categorize items
Item alternatives
Item attributes
Sales and Purchase price lists
Sales and Purchase Discount lists
Item Kits
Vendor catalog
POS & eCommerce
Omnichannel selling: Provide seamless shopping experiences for every customer both in-store and online
Multiple Payment options
Staff management: Track staff performance and control permissions with ease · Promotions ·iOS and Android compatible
Bank Reconciliation
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
P&L by product line
Cash Flow Forecast
Sales quote and order
Sales invoicing
Sales return/cancellation/Exchange
Delivery trucks and drivers' management
Customer credit limit
Payment term and method
Block shipping/invoicing for specific customers
Purchase Orders
Purchase item from a sale
Purchase return/cancellation
Combine Receipts on a Single Invoice
Our Methodology
Why Work with Haceb?
Proven Track Record
We have extensive experience implementing
solutions in many industries
including FMCG, Retail,
Support & Maintenance and
much more.
Microsoft Partner
Haceb is a Microsoft Gold
Partner with a team of highly
proficient experts.
Customized Solutions
Through specialist consulting
services that are backed by
deep industry knowledge, we
can build the right solution for
your unique business needs.
Complimentary Capabilities
As your business grows so
too do your tech
requirements. Our team is on
hand to implement the solutions you
need when you
need them.
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HACEB Engineer Today