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Time Management

Leverage IT Solutions To Level
Up Your Time Management

Eliminate & Automate Time Consuming Tasks
If you're like most businesses, you're always looking for ways to improve efficiency and boost productivity. With our cutting-edge technology, you can wave goodbye to time-consuming tasks and get more done in less time. Through the latest software applications and cloud solutions, you can get a better handle on your schedule, optimize your workflows and start automating time-intensive and repetitive tasks.
Our IT solutions arm your team with the right tools to work faster and smarter, without sacrificing quality or productivity. Cloud solutions allow fast data sharing and collaboration among team members, while APIs allow easy integration and automatic data entry, and smart software applications handle routine processes.
All of this means you can focus on the bigger picture and work on strategies that will help you stay focused on core business goals and initiatives, and drive growth.
Key Features
Business Units & Departments
Map business units to your organization's departments and divisions, and take advantage of integrated workflows, task assignments, and notifications.
Employee Management
Store and manage employee profiles and data, including employee performance metrics, authorization levels, as well as other relevant information all in one place.
Shifts & Vacations
Take advantage of integrated shift and vacation management tools that allow you to easily record and approve vacations to relevant employees.
Monthly Attendance
Track employee presence, absences, and overtime hours with our robust attendance monitoring and management system.
Self-service Module
Enable your workforce to log in and view their own schedule, request time off, submit vacation requests, and clock-in and out of shifts through a secure self-service module.
Our Methodology
Why Work with Haceb?
Proven Track Record
We have extensive experience implementing
solutions in many industries
including FMCG, Retail,
Support & Maintenance and
much more.
Microsoft Partner
Haceb is a Microsoft Gold
Partner with a team of highly
proficient experts.
Customized Solutions
Through specialist consulting
services that are backed by
deep industry knowledge, we
can build the right solution for
your unique business needs.
Complimentary Capabilities
As your business grows so
too do your tech
requirements. Our team is on
hand to implement the solutions you
need when you
need them.
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